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"Held in the Moment Photography"

Growing up in northern Vermont, Kimberlee Forney enjoyed creating art at an early age.  She finds her inspiration among the beautiful Vermont landscape, within music, animals, people, and her daily surroundings.  She appreciates the healing qualities of art and it’s communicative and emotive powers. She is grateful to be able to express her feelings and ideas through her creations. Early in her art life, she concentrated on realistically representing the world around her. She developed her artistic and technical skills while attending Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. While there she studied various artistic mediums, including printmaking, lithography, sculpture, drawing and painting. The study of psychology and the German language and culture further inspired her and influenced her artistic interests and development. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2000. After graduation, Kimberlee’s fantastical style developed out of a basic idea involving a lively and musical bar scenario with human-like forms embedded in the scene (titled “Jazzy at the Bar”). Her business, Natural Expressions, was formed and other pieces involving various cultural scenes, animal forms, and landscapes soon followed. Her favorite subjects to explore relate to the beauty and spirituality present in the natural world and in the cultural world surrounding us. The medium she uses to create her images is acrylic paint. In her paintings, she portrays the connectedness of everything by the use of black lines. She positions her lines, and figures in an aesthetically-pleasing manner that is appropriate to the mood and energy which she wishes to convey. Texture and color are used in her creations to not only convey mood but to also represent the surrounding energy. She reproduces her paintings in the form of limited-edition giclee prints as well as high-quality photoprints which are framed, unframed or matted. As with acrylic paintings, giclee prints and photo prints should be properly cared for and displayed in a low-moisture environment and exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.