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These unique creations are created on a piece of flat pine wood (3/4" thick) which is designed, primed and painted by Kimberlee. Some pieces are assembled from two or more pieces of cut shapes.
Specific images or breeds possible. Individual pet portraits are available (photos can be supplied for more individuality). Cows, Sheep, Pigs, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, turtles, peace signs...anything Kimberlee can think of is possible for her to create. Due to the uniqueness of these pieces, sizes and prices vary. Custom work available.
Pet portraits are approximately $75. Have an idea? Want to have an arrangement of one or more on your wall? Contact Kimberlee via email or phone with your ideas, to see which images are currently available or to ask for more details.
Kutout - Barn Burmese Terrier
Dragonfly Kutout couple calico
two cows frog

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ko_golden tabby sheep
greyhound three cows samoyed
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