Customer Reviews:

"I just wanted to let you know that Sarah loved, loved, loved the painting you created as a wedding present! She thought, as I did, that it was very intimate and that the colors, shapes, and figures were beautiful and magical.

"Thank you very much for working with me and for envisioning and putting forth such an incredible wedding gift!"
--Ali August, 2012

" I just wanted to let you know how much I love Bird Song! I can already feel its positive energy flowing through my room! ...Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place!" --Micheal P. September,  2012

"Your talent and beautiful expression of wisdom and playfulness continues to warm us all."  Carol S.  Dec. 2012

"Your paintings bring harmony to my life!"  Janice E.  Dec. 2012

"I wanted to let you know my mother LOVED your portrait of her little dog! Her face absolutely lit up when she unwrapped it. She was amazed at the resemblance and couldn't wait to show everyone and hang it on the wall.
The colors and details were perfect and you did a wonderful job of bringing out her dog's personality. I wanted a natural dog portrait with your expressive touch...and that's exactly what I got. Thank you so much for helping me give her the perfect Christmas present."
  Shannon 2012.

"Your paintings say a lot about you as a person and from the colors you use and the types of pictures you paint, it is evident that you have a pleasant outlook on life and that is truly refreshing! Thank you for the beautiful art that you create and the smiles that you give to those like us that see you work!" Luis Feb. 2013

"I can't tell you how much pleasure I get out of looking at this painting. When I went back to pick it up at the place I had it framed the guy said he was seeing more and more of your stuff and offered to buy it!! Pretty cool." Judie Feb. 2013

"It's like candy for my eyeballs!!" Liane Feb. 2013


Growing up in northern Vermont, Kimberlee Forney enjoyed creating art at an early age.  She finds her inspiration among the beautiful Vermont landscape, within music, animals, people, and her daily surroundings.  She appreciates the healing qualities of art and it’s communicative and emotive powers. She is grateful to be able to express her feelings and ideas through her creations. Early in her art life, she concentrated on realistically representing the world around her.
She developed her artistic and technical skills while attending Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. While there she studied various artistic mediums, including printmaking, lithography, sculpture, drawing and painting. The study of psychology and the German language and culture further inspired her and influenced her artistic interests and development. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2000.
After graduation, Kimberlee’s fantastical style developed out of a basic idea involving a lively and musical bar scenario with human-like forms embedded in the scene (titled “Jazzy at the Bar”). Her business, Natural Expressions, was formed and other pieces involving various cultural scenes, animal forms, and landscapes soon followed. Her favorite subjects to explore relate to the beauty and spirituality present in the natural world and in the cultural world surrounding us.
The medium she uses to create her images is acrylic paint. In her paintings, she portrays the connectedness of everything by the use of black lines. She positions her lines, and figures in an aesthetically-pleasing manner that is appropriate to the mood and energy which she wishes to convey. Texture and color are used in her creations to not only convey mood but to also represent the surrounding energy. She reproduces her paintings in the form of limited-edition giclee prints as well as high-quality photoprints which are framed, unframed or matted. As with acrylic paintings, giclee prints and photo prints should be properly cared for and displayed in a low-moisture environment and exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.
Kimberlee is a member or displays at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Art on Main in Bristol, The Northern Vermont Artist’s Association (NVAA), The Depot Gallery in Ludlow, VT, Staart gallery in St. Albans, VT, Candles & Creations in South Burlington, VT, the Artisan’s Gallery in Waitsfield and is a member of the Vermont Handcrafters, Inc.   When the weather is right, she enjoys to paint and display her artwork in the artist’s alley on Church Street in Burlington.
Currently, Kimberlee has over 500 images in her style and over 100 in print. She also accepts a limited number of commissioned pieces every year.
For Kimberlee, being an artist is more than just about creating art. It is also about using her artwork to help benefit the lives of others. We create our society and our experiences as individuals and as a larger whole. Kimberlee spends a portion of her time promoting awareness about the “silent epidemic” of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and child abuse in our society. Every year, another 2 million persons in America sustain a brain injury and little assistance is available.  Kimberlee is also concerned about the epidemic of generational child abuse and the need for swift and appropriate action by our social systems to protect the children and end the cycle.  Feel free to contact Kimberlee regarding her artwork, brain injury, or child abuse via phone, mail or email.



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Allegheny College Meadville, PA May 2000
Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art: Psychology Minor, German Minor

Special Merit Award: Seventh Annual Juried Intercollegiate Art Show at California University of Pennsylvania—five color lino cut print “Mother and Child” March 1999
Spring Honors Convocation Prize for Art Major—outstanding achievement in major, high GPA, chosen by faculty April 1999

Substitute teach art/music (K-3) Essex Jct., VT Spring 2005
Young Rembrandt’s
After-school Drawing Program
South Hero, VT Fall 2005-2009

Drawing for the French Creek Project website February 2003

Mountain Lake PBS Televised Arts Auction
Acrylic paintings
“Relaxing by the Barn” February 2003
“Swaying Trees” February 2004
“Rolling River” February 2005
“Pigs at Twilight” February 2007 ________________________________________________________________________
Helen Day Art Center Stowe, VT
Northern VT Artist’s Association (NVAA) Northern Vermont
Art on Main Bristol, VT
Art Works Grand Isle VT
Artisan's Gallery, Waitsfield, VT
VT Handcrafters Inc.



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Burlington Free Press, 2008:

free press

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“WHAT COMES NATURALLY--It’s not a live band, but at least it’s a lively one: The trio somewhat resembles the classic 1970s band YES in “Present Stage”—one of the “fantastical acrylic paintings” by Kimberlee Forney. Musicians often appear in Forney’s work, but former YES leader Rick Wakeman is more likely to be seen playing Vegas these days.”

Mark Awodey
Seven Days
August 2003

“What tubelike forms are to Taplin, mono-colored and stylized images of the body are for Essex Junction’s Kimberlee Forney. She says building up scenes around “basic stick figures with little or no features” popped into her head in 2000, and she’s been exploring that motif and similar animal figures ever since. One of her larger pieces features four musicians and a singer entertaining about 50 ruddy, pinkish and purple dancers. It’s hard to count them because the dancers are so enmeshed.”

Ed Barna
Rutland Daily Herald
February 20, 2004

“Another major focus was the Chaffee Art Center’s holiday show, featuring the delightful work of Essex Junction artist Kimberlee Forney. Walking into her gallery, I laughed out loud at the sheer joy of her vivacious vision.
Forney paints fantastical landscapes with rolling, pillow-like hills, Q-tip trees and star-filled skies. Her world is populated by featureless pink humanoid beings that resemble inflated bubble gum. Some are musical, reclining under a tree playing a guitar. They share the landscape with splay-legged cows and cotton-ball sheep that lounge on the beanbag hills or gambol along the ridges, ogling viewers and enjoying the magical world that the artist has created for them.”

Richard L. Brown
Vermont Sunday Magazine
December 3, 2006

“PASTRY WITH THAT?—Eighteen paintings and giclee reproductions by Essex Junction artist Kimberlee Forney brighten the walls of Mirabelle’s in Burlington, as the café’s first art show of 2007. Forney has to be one of the hardest working painters in northern Vermont; her uniquely inspired brand of figurative abstraction has appeared in about a dozen venues over the past year.”

Marc Awodey
Seven Days
January 10-17, 2007


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Center for Community and Neighborhoods Burl. VT

Uncommon Grounds Coffee Shop Burlington VT

Core Studio Burlington VT

The New England Steakhouse Burlington VT

Cobblestone Deli Burlington VT

Bingo’s Pizza Essex Jct. VT

Brownell Memorial Library Essex Jct. VT

Cobblestone Deli Burlington VT

Walkover Gallery Bristol VT

Wineworks Burlington VT

Sneakers Bistro Winooski VT

Cobblestone Deli Burlington VT

Brandon Artists’ Guild Brandon VT

Chaffee Art Center Rutland VT

Muddy Waters Coffee Shop Burlington VT

Mirabelle’s Restaurant Burlington VT

Sneaker’s Bistro Winooski VT

The Green Room Burlington VT

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